Saturday, October 26, 2013

NEW! Betsey Johnson Fairyland Jewelry Collection

Betsey Johnson's FAIRYLAND jewelry collection is filled with magical creatures in an enchanted world. Unicorns sweep across rainbow filled skies and sprinkle hearts and crystals in their path. Armored knights defend castle walls, while elfin fairies lend their magic to this land of rainbow dreams and boundless imagination.

The Betsey Johnson Fairyland large fairy elf necklace comes with wire mesh wings studded with crystal accents, and twinkling toes that move gracefully. Mismatched fairy elf and wand earrings complete this beautiful set.

Betsey Johnson spared no crystals in designing her Fairyland Unicorn Cascade Statement Necklace, which is lavishly decorated with iridescent crystals in a wondrous myriad of colors, and dangling rhinestones and hearts.

A secret surprise will delight you in the Betsey Johnson Fairyland Castle Necklace, which has a bottom that opens to reveal a lovely swan swimming in a beautiful blue lake. Pair it with the mismatch Fairyland Prince Knight and Rainbow Earrings, and your castle will be complete with its own dashing prince.

Betsey reintroduces her ever popular robot pendant, but gave her angel wings, a sweet pink bow, and a secret chest compartment that holds a candy charm. Available also with adorable matching robot earrings.

One of the pieces not to be missed in this collection is the Betsey Johnson Fairyland Charmy Necklace, which features multiple chains with darling charms of rainbows, roses, and swans. Bursting with color and whimsical designs, this necklace will be sure to make you smile every time you wear it.

Possibly one of the most fabulous earrings Betsey Johnson has designed this season, the Fairyland Rose Chandelier Earrings blend crystals, glitter, and a soft pastel color palette to create a statement piece that is outrageously beautiful. When putting these beauties on, you can't help singing "I feel pretty, oh so pretty..."

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NEW! Betsey Johnson Morocco Adventure Jewelry Collection

A truly exotic, charming collection, Betsey Johnson's Morocco Adventure jewelry collection is lush with curious treasures and extraordinary animals. Persian cats adorned with gold collar necklaces pose as a small fish dangles in their paws. Camels adorned with colorful blankets trek along the Arab sand carrying fine teacups and teapots for trade. Peacocks proudly display their colorful plume of beautifully enamelled feathers. Snakes dance and coil as they appear to dance to a snake charmer's song. The Betsey Johnson's Morocco Adventure collection, choke full of imagination and whimsy, conjures up a storybook setting straight out of Aladdin Arabian Nights!

The Betsey Johnson's Morocco Adventure collection is filled with statement pieces in bold, jewel tone colors that will delight every Betsey girl. Discover for yourself all the myriad of secret charms and whimsical characters in each piece!

Lois Hill Green Aqua Onxy Collection

The Lois Hill Green Aqua Onyx collection features an absolutely stunning faceted semi-precious stone with subtle color tones that marries perfectly with Lois Hill's classic styling in sterling silver. The Green Aqua Onyx stone seems to glow from within as it captivates the eye to its mysterious color and opalesque sheen. True to form, each Lois Hill piece pays exquisite attention to detail and craftsmanship as cutout patterns, granulation details, and hammered textures are meticulously hand rendered, resulting in truly marvelous pieces cast in beautiful sterling silver.

Betsey Johnson Flights of Fancy Jewelry

In Betsey Johnson's Flights of Fancy jewelry collection, we are taking a trip to the ranch! Oversized butterfly pendants, resin donkeys, cactus with a bit of bling, and resin blue birds comingle in this wonderous collection that pays tribute to the enchanting beauty and adventurous spirit of the Southwest.

La Mer Collections Wrap Watches Goes to Cape Town

Take a wonderful journey to the distant shores of Cape Town, South Africa. Each La Mer Collections wrap watch is inspired by nature and travel. This must be why every piece looks quite at home in exotic and exciting places around the globe. Follow the adventure as pieces travel to KIRSTENBOSCH - A gorgeous Botanical Garden nestled at the foot of Table Mountain, LLANDUDNO - Full of beautiful crashing waves and giant granite boulders, overlooked by the Twelve Apostle Mountains, BANTRY BAY with magnificent volcanic rocks jetting into the Atlantic Ocean, WOODSTOCK - a colorful neighborhood that embraces a multi-ethnic character, and GREEN MARKET SQUARE - The oldest curio market set in a cobbled stone square. Enjoy the journey, and blaze trails of your own.

Lovely leather colors accented with faceted crystals and chain details, the La Mer Collections Joshua Tree and Colette Leather Wrap Watch are jewelry accessories that not only tell time, but make a truly fabulous statement.

Delve into the deep blue waters of the ocean and embrace the wonders of the sea in these oceanic treasures: the classic La Mer Collections Bali Leather Wrap Watch in navy blue studded with antiqued gold rivets, the La Mer Collections Portofino Leather Wrap Watch with its nautical themed charms and cool blue and white colorway, and the La Mer Collections Simple Stingray Leather Wrap Watch which is so reminiscent of bubbling tidepools and spotted starfish. Anchors away!

Betsey Johnson Critter Collection

New critters hop, swim, and slither their way into Betsey Johnson jewelry collections this fall in the form of alligators, snakes, ducks, and chihuahuas! Each cute critter is finished in lovely hand painted enamel and accented with sparkly crystals. Pieces are very affordably priced and range from $35.00 to $75.00. Perfect for the animal lover in us all!

Betsey Johnson Lucite Heart Collection

Betsey Johnson's classic lucite heart studded with sparkly crystals has expanded into a full collection that includes a matching necklace, bracelet, earring, and ring set! Perfect for the Betsey girl who loves hearts, sparkles, and pretty little baubles.


Dogeared Jewels are the perfect gift for yourself or someone special. Each necklace and bracelet comes on a beautifully worded card that is full of meaning and sincerity. Simple and beautiful in design, Dogeared pieces can speak volumes. Each piece is crafted in the USA in the golden state of California. Dogeared is a socially and environmentally conscious company that designs special collections to support local charities, and tries to incorporate recycled materials into their products and packaging. So when you purchase a Dogeared jewelry piece, you not only look good, you can also feel good.

Best selling styles include the iconic Dogeared Karma Necklace and matching bracelet - classic pieces that will never go out of style and can be worn with anything.

Dogeared Jewels and Gifts. Find the words. Hear the meaning. Love the beauty.